Company of Installations and Distribution

of Equipment for Industrial Cold

Company specialized in the industrial and commercial cold sector. In charge of designing, manufacturing and installing cold rooms and cold stores.


Our mission is to offer our customers technology and quality with a personalized service, adapting the projects to their current and future needs.


Meat should be kept fresh at all times or frozen for longer shelf life and better appearance, maintaining freshness.


Fish is a product that must be adequately refrigerated and stored in cold rooms.

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Keeping fruit in cold storage ensures that products retain their nutrients and freshness, also increasing their shelf life.

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It is important to keep the ice in proper temperature and humidity conditions in order to supply it in the best conditions.

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Storing vegetables in cold storage at controlled temperature and humidity keeps them fresh and increases their shelf life.

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To keep them in good condition, refrigeration is a good way to increase the durability of the cut flower.

Refriclim-Sobre Nosotros
About Us

We are a company specialized in the industrial and commercial cold sector located in Valencia. Our activity consists in designing, manufacturing and installing cold rooms and cold stores.


More than 25 years of experience

Specialists in air-conditioning of industrial warehouses


We are committed to new technologies, incorporating the latest innovations in the market, offering integral and flexible solutions at competitive costs.

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During your visit to our website you will be able to discover the wide range of products for industrial and commercial refrigeration that we can offer you.


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We do projects all over Spain, Africa and South America. Ask for an estimate without any kind of commitment.

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We are a young and dynamic company with a clear customer service orientation that focuses its activity on the development, marketing and installation of integral solutions for the food and pharmaceutical industry, among others, with our speciality being industrial refrigeration projects.

Our mission is to provide an excellent service through professionalism and personalised treatment.


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