We can provide you with all the accessories needed for an installation according to current hygienic and cooling standards. In our catalogue we have products from shel- ving to temperature registers and remote control systems.

Our products:

PVC Sanitary Concave

An element used for covering the inner panel joints between roof-wall, wall-wall, wall-floor, avoiding the creation of right angles that accumulate dirt. With an aluminium base to reinforce the junction between panels and a white PVC profile suitable for low temperatures. Equipped with long, flexible flaps to enable a perfect fit between surfaces and an elongated hook that enables the easy profile’s installation as well as a perfect adherence.

Perfil de suspensión

Ceiling suspension profiles

The profile is used to suspend the sandwich panels to the ceiling of the cold rooms, they are very robust and easy to assemble. This profile has a convex-rounded shape. Designed in such a way that the rod can be moved inside to the ideal position for its connection with the outer structure.

Perfil en U

U shaped profiles

U-shaped galvanized steel commercial profiles are used for the construction of any type of normal or special structures, machinery, for cleanroom floors and designed for the correct assembly of sandwich panels, hygienic panels or phenolic resin panels. Its material is made of sturdy steel and high quality for easy assembly.

Perfil angular

Angular profiles

Smooth-looking profile made of aluminum or lacquered steel. Its shape is ideal for multiple applications such as corner protector, beautification, reinforcement or structure for shelves, cabinets and sliding guides. This profile is resistant to abrasion, wear and corrosion so it can be used in decoration work, light structures, conditioning and protection reinforcement.

Válvula presión

Pressure valves

These are elements responsible for equilibrating the pressure between the cold room and the outside to avoid tension on the panels. They are usually installed near the door in order to connect their resistance heater in parallel to the door heater. The valve is provided with an electrical resistance heater to avoid ice frost formation inside it that can disturb the air flow.

Alarma hombre encerrado

Locked person alarm

It is the trusted solution to guarantee the safety of people at all times in positive and negative cold rooms. It complies with the safety regulations for refrigeration facilities and is compulsory to install in cold rooms that work at positive temperatures up to +5ºC. They may or may not include an internal battery at the customer's request.


Necessary for compliance with the industry regulation for cold rooms with working temperture equal to or less than 0°. Made of high quality forged steel. Fiberglass handles, handles with great grip, with anatomical design for easy handling and adaptation. Polished and varnished edges against corrosion, and with a black plastic edge protector.