Air curtains are designed to be used in entrances of shops, industrial buildings and all kinds of premises. Its main use is to differentiate environments, preventing thermal exchanges between heated and unheated areas.

These teams discharge an air curtain that closes the external air intake efficiently. They are also used to prevent insects, unwanted odors, and dust from entering the interior.

Our products:

Unheated air curtain

Intended for general commercial installations. Efficient and economical without sacrificing quality.

They are characterized by:

  • Easy installation.
  • High quality motor to run more than 5000 hours flawlessly with up to 3 speeds.
  • Painted metal casing, great fire resistance.
  • Wall-mounted and built-in.
  • Wide variety of sizes, to cover a wide variety of door widths: 600,900, 1000, 1200, 1500, 1800 and 2000 mm. </ li>
  • For various door heights: From 2 to 6 m.
  • Includes control knob.