Refriclim, company of installations and distribution of equipment for industrial cold

Refriclim is a company specialized in the industrial and commercial cold sector located in Valencia. Our activity consists in designing, manufacturing and installing cold rooms and cold stores. Our mission is to offer our customers technology and quality with a personalized service. We adapt the projects to your current and future needs, proposing comprehensive and flexible solutions with competitive costs.

In Refriclim we are committed to new technologies, incorporating the latest innovations in the market into our facilities. Currently Refriclim consists of a highly qualified technical and engineering team that covers all fields of air conditioning and cold in all its aspects, both domestic and industrial.

Refrigeration facilities and equipment, for handling all types of products:

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Design and construction of refrigerated warehouses, conservation chambers, frozen chambers and work areas adapting to your needs.

Pescados, congelados, conservación, cámara frigorífica

Wide range of services and products. Equipment for air conditioning, cooling, cooling, freezing, deep freezing. Destined to satisfy the specific requirements of each space.

Frutas, congelados, conservación, cámara frigorífica, cámara de maduración

We offer personalized service and customer orientation. We collaborate with the client in the realization of their project from the first design steps to the detailed engineering.