Climatic chambers

Laboratory incubators or climatic chambers are enclosures built by means of a sandwich panel as an insulator and in which a controlled temperature and humidity is maintained, by means of a heating and humidification system

We work for clients in the food, pharmaceutical and logistics industry, whom we help select the optimal materials and for which we develop their projects.

The main use of these climatic chambers is the investigation of the development of food microorganisms and the deterioration caused by them in food. And in this way determine how it affects the shelf life and organoleptic quality of food. They are a good solution against small and expensive laboratory incubators.

We build the entire industrial chambers by means of a polyurethane injected refrigerator sandwich panel. In addition, they incorporate an air curtain to minimize energy losses and the exit of bad odors.

The temperature and humidity range is very variable depending on the object of the camera.

The incubator chambers have heat equipment that operates based on microprocessed controls. These controls are provided with temperature sensors. As for the heat transfer in the internal chamber of the incubator, natural or forced convection systems are used.

The temperature and humidity control can be carried out in a very simple way for the client and intuitively through a screen located next to the climatic chamber.


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