Cold in Containers

Our containerized cold systems are convenient systems for freezing multiple foods and premises.

The refrigeration system in a container compared to traditional refrigerated warehouses offers advantages such as:

Simple and robust design and easy maintenance. No complex parts causing costly breakdowns.
Fully customizable: customer needs and easily expandable to higher productions.
P ortable, the design adapted to the standardized shipping container, is ideal for transport and allows great versatility and adaptability to the market.

We install cold rooms in containers of 20 or 40 feet. Equipped with an insulating sandwich panel, polyurethane cooling foams, complete refrigeration equipment, lighting, electrical outlets, and other elements necessary for its operation. The cameras can be equipped with various accessories: shelves, work tables, showcases, water tank, generator, among others.

Our refrigeration system in a maritime container is a comfortable system to freeze food and store it. Designed to optimize your loading, maneuvering and unloading on trucks.

Main features and benefits:

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Freezing tunnel

Enabled in 20-40 foot containers. The engine room is in the container.

Maturation chamber

Room for ripening fruits or vegetables, and the machine room installed inside the container. Both spaces have the possibility of being installed in containers of 20 to 40 feet HC.

Butcher shop

Installed in a 40-foot container, with a chamber at -20ºC that contains frozen meat and another with fresh meat at 0ºC. A room is created where the product is prepared and sold to the public.

Positive and negative chambers

One chamber at 0 / + 5ºC and the other at -20ºC. A central area is enabled between the two chambers, where food can be prepared.

Ice Block Factory

A room to produce ice blocks and a work area. This camera is installed in a 40 foot HC container.

Chamber and work room

Positive or negative chambers at 0 / + 5ºC for product storage. They can be prepared to contain trays where products can be placed and a small work room.

Freezing tunnel with shelves

The fish in the trays are frozen using two freezer tunnels contained in a 20 foot container. Optimal to be placed on fishing boats.

Water treatment

A water treatment kit that is built into a 20 foot container.

Solutions with multiple containers

Freezing system and frozen product warehouse. It can include a freezing tunnel, storage chamber for frozen products at -20ºC, work room and area where the sale to the public takes place.


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