Leader in industrial cold

Experts in design and installation of production systems of industrial cold


Design and construction of cold stores, cold rooms, frozen cold rooms and work rooms.


Wide range of services and products, including providing insulation panel Sandwich type, monoblocks cooling equipment , shelving for cold rooms and turnkey projects

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Refriclim, industrial cooling installation company

Refriclim is a specialized company in the field of industrial and commercial cooling located in Valencia. Our bussines is to design, manufacture and install cold rooms and cold stores. Our mission is to offer our customers the technology and quality with personalized service. We adapt projects to their present and future needs and we look for the best comprehensive and flexible solutions with competitive costs.  

In Refriclim, we support the new technologies with the latest innovations in the market. Refriclim consists of a highly qualified technical and engineering equipment, which covers all fields of industrial cooling or air conditioning domestic and industrial.



Floral Cold rooms

Floral display case


Vegetable cold room

Vegetable freezing room

Vegetable blast freezer

Vegetable blast chiller


Fruit cold room

Fruit freezing room

Fruit ripening room

Fruit blast chiller