Cold Warehouse

Industrial establishment formed by premises, facilities and equipment specifically dedicated to the cold storage of food, as well as any product that needs specific storage conditions.

It can have various elements such as:

Refrigerated and freezing cold rooms.

Freezing tunnels or fast cooling tunnels.

Controlled atmosphere chambers, maturation chambers and greening chambers.

Work areas.

In these warehouses it is important to optimize the space and for this we seek the best distribution of the elements for its most suitable use.

With extensive experience in the sector, at REFRICLIM we are specialists in designing and building this type of warehouse, having developed projects in more than 15 countries. We build their structures through the use of sandwich panel, offering the following advantages:

High insulation coefficient.

Mechanical resistance and in most cases self-supporting structure.

Dimensional stability, impermeability and lightness.

Good finishes that help maintain an aesthetic appearance.

Simplicity and speed in installation.


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