About Refriclim

We are a young and dynamic company with a clear focus on customer service that focuses its activity on the development, marketing and installation of comprehensive solutions for the food and pharmaceutical industry, among others, with our specialty being industrial cold projects.



Specialists in air-conditioning of Industrial Buildings


Refriclim's vision is to be recognized globally as the undisputed leader in the field of industrial refrigeration and refrigeration equipment. The company aspires to lead the technological revolution in the industry, expanding its international presence and establishing strategic alliances to bring its innovative solutions to new frontiers and contribute to the positive transformation of the refrigeration industry.


Refriclim's mission is to lead innovation and excellence in the industrial refrigeration sector, offering cutting-edge solutions that meet the unique needs of its customers. With a team of highly trained experts, the company is committed to providing high quality products and services that contribute to the continued success and growth of its customers' operations.


Refriclim's core values are excellence, innovation, integrity, customer commitment, sustainability, continuous learning, collaboration and social responsibility. These values guide all of the company's actions and decisions, ensuring that the highest ethical and quality standards are met in every aspect of its operation.


Professional quality from start to finish

We design and install conservation or freezing cold rooms, in accordance with current regulations and with solutions that allow the temperature of each point to be controlled.

We have pharmaceutical, meat and fish processing, butcher, fruit and vegetable distribution companies, among others, among our clients.

We work for clients in Spain and abroad, providing them with innovative solutions at competitive prices for their new implementation or expansion projects.

Our responsibility towards our clients begins from the moment they entrust us with a job, becoming a commitment for life.



Current and respectful with the environment

Our commitment to the environment is reflected in all the stages of a project, from design to commissioning.

We are committed to solutions that incorporate energy savings and that adapt to new European regulations. With these measures we are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our projects.

In addition, we have a division specialized in the use of solar energy, for the production of electrical energy (photovoltaic) as well as for the production of heat (thermal solar energy).

The latest technologies in the refrigeration sector to carry out efficient and innovative projects with the highest quality and competitive prices.


A very high degree of internationalization

Thanks to the great export capacity of our multilingual team.

The markets we target are North and Central Africa, we work in countries of Eastern Europe and South America. We export our products to more than 20 countries with an expansion spirit.

Currently we work in an increasingly global market, we go where our projects can make a difference. We think globally and provide solutions tailored to local needs.



Professionals with extensive experience

At REFRICLIM we have a group of professionals with experience and extensive knowledge of the refrigeration sector.

We have a technical department made up of a highly qualified staff of engineers, trained in the areas of Industrial and Food Engineering.

A competent and qualified team is in charge of each phase of the refrigeration project: from the study of your project to construction, we take into account your needs and current regulations.

The client receives personalized technical assistance, thus creating a sustainable and transparent relationship.

Industrial cold installations, refrigeration equipment and maintenance for projects of all sizes.

Our main Advantages are

Personalized service and customer orientation. We collaborate with the client in the realization of their project from the first steps to detailed engineering. For clients of medium and small projects this is a guarantee of success that they cannot achieve otherwise.

Variety in our Services

We have several differentiated product lines:


Our Clients

With a personalized service we adapt to your needs. Providing you with all the equipment and technology necessary to carry out your industrial and commercial refrigeration projects.

After years of experience in the sector, we have more than 500 facilities in operation in various countries. These facilities and the satisfaction of our customers guarantee our existence. We work with you on your projects:

• Cold rooms.
• Lines for the calibration, processing and packaging of fruits and vegetables.
• Air quality control and treatment systems.
• Remote control systems and alarm management.
• Humidification and dehumidification systems.

Our clients are mainly industries of the agri-food sector, but we also work for other sectors such as pharmaceutical, naval or plastic injection.

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