Frequent Questions

Frequent Questions

We present a list of the most common doubts among our clients.


How should the hatchet be installed?

It has been installed on the door of each cold room that operates at freezing temperature.


Can I install the camera without insulation on the floor?

At Refriclim, we always advise that for freezing cold rooms insulation is installed on the floor, as this will minimize both thermal losses and the operating time of the equipment.
However, for conservation chambers and work rooms it is not necessary to install floor insulation.

Can a ramp be placed for entry into chambers with flooring?

Yes, to avoid a step at the entrance of the cold-insulated chambers, it is possible to install ramps for easy access.

Can I enter a camera with insulated floor with a pallet truck?

Yes, but for this it is necessary that the ground has a layer of concrete.


Can I open a refrigerator door from the inside?

Yes, the refrigerator doors can always be opened from the inside.

To which side does the refrigerator door open?

The door can open to the right or left according to the characteristics of the installation or the client's desire.

Should the door be centered?

The door can be located at any distance according to the client's desire.


What is the locked person alarm?

It is an alarm that serves as security in case of being locked inside a cold room.
This alarm consists of a button located inside the camera, in addition to an alarm with acoustic and light signaling that is installed outside the camera.

When is a locked person alarm to be installed?

It is necessary to install a man-locked alarm for conservation chambers (0 / + 2ºC) and freezing (-18 / -20ºC), while for work rooms it is not necessary to have these alarms.


What are the pressure balancing valves for?

The pressure balancing valves are installed to ensure that the internal and external pressure of the chamber is the same, thus avoiding sudden changes in temperature that can cause overpressure or depressions inside the chamber.

When are the pressure balancing valves to be installed?

The pressure balancing valves must be installed in all chambers with a volume from 20m3 and in all the frozen temperature chambers.

How are the pressure balancing valves to be selected?

Depending on the size of the cold room and the working temperature.


How thick is the How thick is the refrigeration panel?

Refriclim recommends the following thicknesses:
● Work area enclosures (+ 12 / + 15ºC): 60 or 80mm thick walls and ceiling.
● Storage temperature chambers (0 / + 2ºC): 100mm thick walls, ceiling and floor.
● Frozen temperature chambers (-18 / -20ºC): 150 or 200mm thick walls, ceiling and floor.

Do the enclosures comply with health regulations?

Yes, the sheet is lacquered in white with food quality, so it complies with sanitary regulations.


Is the refrigerant gas spent or deteriorated over time?

No, the refrigerant gas of both cold rooms and air conditioners is not spent or deteriorated, but in the event that there are leaks in the installation it will be necessary to reinstall refrigerant gas.


When should preventive maintenance be done?

It must be carried out according to the installation instruction manual except for legionellosis prevention and insulation review set by RSIF.


When should leak control inspections be done?

Usually every 12 months. And within a month from the moment a leak has been corrected.

What should the inspections on leak control be done?

Documentary check / General system check / Leak detection

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