Fire prevention

The temperature control and smoke exhaust systems are efficiently designed and with high aerodynamic coefficients reduce the negative effects of the smoke and gas in case of a fire.

The use of different types of smoke vents and fire curtains, achieves smoke-free zones for the evacuation of people affected by a fire, reduce the internal temperature, safeguard the properties of the building and provide better working conditions for the firefighters.

Our products:

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Skylight type ventilator

Is a mono flap ventilator designed to evacuate a great amount of smoke in case of fire, while maintaining high performance of thermal isolation. The base can be supplied WITH or WITHOUT isolation. Insulation available: 20 or 40 mm. The skylight ventilator is supplied with a security system that includes a secondary power source and an activation device consisting in a fuse element tared according to project requirements.

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Louvered ventilator

The system, a louvered ventilator, is designed for smoke and heat exhaust and ventilation. The quality of the materials and actuators which form the vent, allows not only its use for smoke and hot gas exhaust in case of a fire, but also makes it an ideal system for daily natural ventilation. The louvers can be manufactured in aluminium double layer with or without isolation, same alloy as the base and the polycarbonate. The louvers drain water to the outside and have EPDM gaskets ensure complete sealing.

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Window ventilator

Louvered ventilator that extracts large volumes of warm air and smoke within a short period of time. The product is both suitable for air feed and air extraction. The system has been tested with lifeline Test 1200 J. The system offers a favorable price/performance ratio. Application: industrial buildings, offices, shopping centers and atria.

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Fire door

Fire doors are robust, solid, specifically-designed doors which serve to prevent the spread of fire by means of a partitioning system, thus allowing for the rapid evacuation of a building. These doors are fire resistant, as certified by CIDEMCO.