Freezing tunnels or fast cooling tunnels

Designed for rapid cooling or freezing at a specific temperature depending on the product and at high relative humidity, thus preserving its initial characteristics.

Freezing tunnel

Blast frezeers or freezing tunnels are designed for quick freezing of food, which favors the preservation of their quality.

The freezing tunnels are designed with insulated sandwich panel 150 to 200 mm thick and with high-power equipment that freezes the product quickly.

The main advantages of freezing are:

Quick availability of the product in optimal conditions for sale, needing to spend less time in cold installations.

Maintain the organoleptic quality of the product, obtaining a more pleasant product for the consumer both in appearance and taste.

Quickly stop the proliferation of microorganisms in food.

Limits the weight loss of the product during the freezing process, increasing the benefits per kilogram of raw material.

With extensive experience in the industrial cold sector, at REFRICLIM we work and advise our clients from design to installation, offering a "turnkey" product ready for use.

We adapt the tunnels to your production needs, looking for the solution that best suits your needs.

Rapid cooling tunnels or air chambers are designed for rapid cooling of the product to a temperature depending on the type of product and high relative humidity, constituting a key factor for the characteristics and losses of the fine product.

The main use of these oreo chambers is the preparation of the product for its subsequent cutting, treatment and / or conservation.

We carry out installations in accordance with current regulations, following hygiene guidelines and considering the state of products that must be subsequently treated.


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