Cold storage warehouse

A cold storage warehouse is an industrial establishment composed of premises, facilities and machinery specifically dedicated to store refrigerated and frozen foods, or any other product which needs some specific storage condition.

A cold storage warehouse can have several elements such as:

  • Cooling and freezing rooms.
  • Blast freezers and blast chillers.
  • Controlled atmosphere rooms, ripening rooms and degreening or maturing cold rooms.
  • Working areas.

At Refriclim we are specialized in the design and construction of these cold storage warehouses. All the cold rooms are built with Sandwich panels, which have some important benefits:

  • Good isolating coefficient
  • Mechanical resistance
  • Dimensional stability
  • Waterproofness and lightness
  • Good aesthetic appearance
  • Simplicity and speed of installation.

In these warehouses it is very important to optimize the space, in Refriclim we look for the best distribution of the elements most suitable for your use. We can see the needs of our customers and we make turnkey projects.

In Refriclim, we have an extensive experience in this sector and we have made projects in more than 15 countries.


Cold storage warehouse
Cold storage warehouse