Refrigerated cold rooms

Refrigerated cold rooms are spaces built with isolating material on which temperature is controlled by using some type of refrigerating system.

We work for customers in the food industry, pharmaceutical or logistics whom we help choosing the best materials for their needs and for whom we develop their projects.

Some uses for these cold rooms or refrigerated spaces are:

  • Fruit, Vegetables, fish, meat, flowers, or medicines storage (Chiller or positive cold room)
  • White rooms (temperature, humidity and pollution controlled rooms)
  • Loading or unloading docks

We build industrial cold stores with injected sandwich panels, using mostly polyisocianurate sandwich panels for these projects, this material is an improvement from the traditional polyurethane.

The Sandwich panel thickness for positive temperature cold rooms / chillers can vary from 60 to 120mm.

These positive cold rooms often operate with temperatures that go from 0ºC to 10ºC.

We make installations according to the hygienic rules and keeping in mind the best conditions for the stored product.

The main uses of these rooms are:

  • Fruits Cold room
  • Meat Cold rooms
  • Flower Cold rooms
  • Vegetables Cold rooms
  • Fresh fish Cold rooms
Refrigerated cold rooms