At Refriclim we offer you the maintenance and upkeep of refrigeration installations of all kinds, to ensure proper operation.

To do this, we follow all the necessary guidelines cited in the refrigeration facilities safety regulations (RSF) , applied to both new and already installed facilities.

During maintenance activities the following activities are carried out:

     • Verification of measuring, control and safety devices
     • Refrigerant charge control
     • Energy yields
     • Hygienic / sanitary controls
     • Legionellosis prevention
     • Maintenance of insulation

Optional periodic reviews

Detailed technical review of the installation.

They are carried out:

     • Every 5 years <= 3,000 kg. refrig
     • Every 2 years> 3,000 kg. refrig.

Mandatory periodic reviews

Documentary and procedural review

They are carried out in level 2 refrigeration facilities according to:

     • Refrig. > = 3000kg Every 1 year
     • Refrig. > = 300kg Every 2 years
     • Refrig. > = 30kg Every 5 years
     • Refrig. <30kg Every 10 years


Mantenimiento REFRICLIM
Mantenimiento REFRICLIM
Mantenimiento REFRICLIM