Multicompressor rack

Is a cooling machine equipped with several compressors mounted on one or several racks to be used combined to optimize their performance. It can have many compressors working, depending on the cold rooms’ demand.

General characteristics

Multi-compressor unit from 2 to 5 compressors
Electric panel
Integration of services in the electric panel
Vertical liquid container with safety valve.
Stainless steel collectors.
High configurability.
Optional capacity reduction on compressors.


Solution for any commercial and industrial refrigeration process.
Fully customized configuration, adapting to any installation.
Greater facility for energy saving.
More safety in the operation of the installation.
Overall control of the installation.
Possibility of integration into a remote management system.


Adapts the refrigeration capacity to the exact demand required at each moment, saving energy and prolonging the life of the machine.


Combined with a condenser with fans with variable speed provides energy consumption levels significantly lower than those of a traditional system with independent equipment.


It adapts the refrigeration capacity to the specific demand of the moment, saving energy and prolonging the life of the machine.


In case of failure of the control unit or its sensors, the unit automatically goes to be controlled by pressure switches. The control returns to the mode electronic once solved.

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