Power and control

We can provide you with all the accessories needed for an installation according to current hygienic and cooling standards. In our catalogue we have products from shel- ving to temperature registers and remote control systems.

Electrical panel, main characteristics

A line of power and control panels for refrigeration systems that allows the complete management of the cold rooms.
Electronic control unit for compressor and condenser control with selective safety maneuver. It can include wiring for remote management systems.
Differential per condensing stage and thermal protection by condenser fan.
They are available in different sizes depending on the client's need. Each electrical panel is customized according to each project, the capabilities and functions of the equipment purchased by the customer.
The components belong to the best brands in the market.

Cuadro de control centrales

Central electrical panel

The refrigeration central unit is the most important and complex electromechanical device in the refrigeration system: it provides cold to all refrigeration units and related processing rooms. The electrical panel designed for refrigeration units is installed on one side of the machine. It includes a synoptic with the necessary information to identify the functions that can be performed in the panel, lighting signaling fan function and failure, alarms and all information required by the needs of the project and the client.

cuadro frigorífico para cámaras

Electrical panel for cold rooms

These electrical panels are responsible for offering control and monitoring of the different functions of the cold room or chamber whether it is intended for industrial, commercial or air conditioning. The main elements that can be managed by the electronic control are: probes for the measurement of ambient temperature and defrost, compressor, evaporator fans, lights, alarms, condenser fans. All these options are customized according to the type of project.

Potencia y control 3

Temperature record

Solution for the capture, storage and recording of temperature, humidity and events in facilities where metrological control is required.

Data is recorded at configurable intervals, and can be viewed on screen, printed, or exported to external software, depending on the model. With the frequency or registration interval of 15 minutes, the recorders keep the information in memory for 3 years, complying with the UNE EN 12830 standard.


Remote management

Registration and control system in industrial and commercial refrigeration facilities and industrial processes in general. Equipment communication through direct RS485 input.

Data management in real time through a TCP / IP connection to LOCAL NETWORK and INTERNET, obtaining continuous supervision of the facilities.

Alarm management via MAIL and optionally via SMS.

Secure internet access, interactive and easy to use.

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