Conservation and freezing chambers

Enclosures built with sandwich panel as insulation and in which a controlled temperature is maintained by means of some refrigeration system.

We work for clients in the food, pharmaceutical and logistics industries, helping them select the optimal materials necessary for the development of their projects. Among all the types of cold rooms we can distinguish between two, conservation (above 0 ° C) and freezing (below 0 ° C).

Conservation chambers or positive chambers are mainly used for:

Storage of fruits, vegetables, fish, flowers, meat or medicines (positive or refrigeration chamber).

Clean rooms (areas with controlled humidity, temperature and / or pollution).

Loading and unloading areas, docks area (refrigerated areas).

Freezing chambers or negative chambers are used for the storage of frozen products such as:

Frozen meat or fish preservation chamber.

Chambers for the preservation of frozen fruit or vegetables.

Ice chamber.


Conservation chambers

Inside temperature: 0/+10°C

Wall insulation thickness: 60/120 mm

Floor insulation thickness: Does not include

Products: Meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, flowers.

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Freezing chambers

Inside temperature: -30/-18°C

Wall insulation thickness: 120/200 mm

Floor insulation thickness: 2 x 80 mm

Products: Meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, flowers.

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Modular cold stores

Ideal for small catering businesses or shops (restaurants, florists, butchers, fish shops, etc). This product is suitable for small cold rooms, between 2.5 and 50m³, usually combined with monoblock equipment.

Customizable modular chamber

Made up of different sandwich-type insulating panels. It is simple and fast assembly that allows the construction of cold rooms of various volumes. The smooth finish of its surface and the rounded finish of its exterior angles facilitate cleaning. It has an interior lining in plywood. Possibility of interior divisions for different products, different temperatures, as well as chambers joined according to the needs of the client.

Combined with powerful equipment they can be used as blast chillers.

Wide variety of non-slip and reinforced floors, adaptable to different loads and to the intensive use of trucks.

Available in various thicknesses (60, 85, 105, 150mm) and dimensions.

Economical modular chambre

Quick and easy assembly. Interior heights from 2 to 2.43 m. Pivoting door with anodized aluminum profile. Includes closure, internal panic mechanism and resistance. Non-slip 85mm floor panel. Also available in floorless mode.

High pressure injected polyurethane insulation, Euroclass fire reaction certificate: Bs2d0. Temperature range from + 8 ° C to -18 ° C.

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