Cooling equipment

Cooling or refrigeration machines or are thermal machines which are used to remove heat from a low temperature point and transfers it to a hot point. This heat exchange and this heat removal on the low temperature is known as cooling.

We can make a division of the cooling machines depending on the working temperature:

  1. Air conditioning: temperatures down to 20ºC
    1. Confort feeling
    2. Working areas
  2. Cooling: temperatures from 12 to 18ºC
    1. working and packaging areas
    2. loading and unloading areas
  3. Refrigeration: Temperatures from 0 to 10ºC
    1. Food storage
    2. Pharmaceutical industries
  4. Freezing: temperatures from 0 to -20ºC
    1. Food storage
    2. Pharmaceutical industries
  5. Shock freezing: temperatures from -35ºC to -60ºC
    1. food shock freezing

To achieve the desired temperature there are different methods and machines depending on different factors. At Refriclim we can offer you a full range of machines depending on your needs.