Multicompressor rack cooling system

A multicompressor rack is a cooling machine equipped with several compressors mounted on one or several racks which are to be used combined to optimize their performance.

The advantages of a multicompressor rack versus individual machines are the following:

  1. If we have a multicompressor rack with 3 compressor we can have 1, 2 or 3 working depending on the demand of the cold rooms. If we have 3 different machines each machine will work depending on the demand of the cold room they work for.
  2. In an electronically controlled multicompressor rack the number of hours each compressor work will be the same, as the electronic control will command the compressors start and thus control the hours they work. Maintenance can also be monitored and programmed according to the electronic control registers.
  3. The multicompressor rack combined with electronically controlled condenser fans will achieve significant energy saving when compared to a traditional system with independent split units.

We are specialised on design and construction of multicompressor racks. We can assist you to choose the best system for a given application.