Refrigeration Door

Refrigeration Door

Refrigerated doors are the elements in charge of giving access to the refrigerated rooms. Its shape and dimensions depend on the use of each door.

There are many types of refrigerator doors, the most common depending on the application:

At Refriclim we have extensive experience in the selection, assembly and maintenance of refrigerator doors, so we can supply you with the most suitable equipment for your use. We are able to supply any door model with an exceptional delivery time.


Calidad y Medioambiente

Diseñamos e instalamos cámaras frigoríficas de conservación o de congelación, respetuosas con el medioambiente


Contamos con un grupo de profesionales con experiencia y amplios conocimientos del sector de la refrigeración

Our products:

Hinged doors


For cold storage chambers (+ 0ºC) and freezing (-20ºC). Installation in any type of trade, industrial sector, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets. Cold rooms where doors of reduced dimensions are required, versatile and light. Quick and easy installation, high degree of insulation and energy efficiency in conditions of intensive use.

Custom manufacturing on demand. Maximum recommended measurement 1400x2400 mm (width x height). Our pivot doors exist in 3 versions: storage, freezing and deep-freezing. Characterized by:

● Available finishes: Lacquered, PVC or stainless
● Aluminum frame with double break of the thermal bridge, heated frame for freezing doors.
● Insulation in injected polyurethane with a density of 40-45 / m3.
● Tightness guaranteed by rubber weather strip
● Custom manufacturing on demand. Maximum recommended measurement 1400x2400 mm (width x height)
● Options: Lock, window, wide range of colors.

Flip Flap Door


Used in climate controlled environments with positive temperature. Installation in any type of food industry, supermarkets, hypermarkets, hotels, restaurants. Use in areas where forklift trucks pass and personnel passageways with heavy traffic. Very resistant polyethylene finish, ideal for places with high hygienic demands.

Rigid swing door: 40 mm thick injected compact sheet for premises where it is necessary to make space divisions or cuts of visibility and noise. Provided with a central methacrylate peephole. Lacquered, stainless steel, pvc or polyester finishes available.
Hinged polyethylene door: Made of 15mm polyethylene, framed with an extruded aluminum profile. Available with or without a peephole.
Hinged door in injected polyethylene: Made of polyethylene and injected with 40 mm polyurethane. We obtain the best resistance with a good insulation coefficient. With a little more investment we have the definitive solution for its great durability.
Hinged door in flexible pvc: Flexible PVC door with one or two leaves for cold storage or freezing. It can be manufactured in different finishes: transparent PVC, two-color PVC, opaque PVC.

Rapid Roll-up Door


High speed motorized PVC tarpaulin roll-up door to install indoors. Suitable for high traffic areas and the need for quick opening and closing maneuvers. Guides and lintel in anodized aluminum. Consoles, feet and screws in stainless steel. Quick assembly and high reliability. Low maintenance.Our high speed doors are used in refrigeration facilities, laboratories, high traffic areas, etc.

● Available in white, red, black, green and blue colors.
● Structure with anodized extruded aluminum guides and sealing brushes.
● Maximum security with photocell, security band and emergency stop with external and internal keypad.
● Door designed according to the requirements of the UNE 12453: 200 standard, which is mandatory for automatic industrial doors.

Sliding door


Our sliding doors exist in 3 versions: conservation, freezing and deep-freezing. Its general characteristics are the following:

● Available finishes: Lacquered, PVC or stainless
● Aluminum frame with double break of the thermal bridge, heated frame for freezing doors.
● Insulation in injected polyurethane with a density of 40-45 / m3.
● Watertightness guaranteed by very ductile rubber weatherstripping up to temperatures of -40ºC.
● Ergonomic door in terms of operation and position of its accessories.
● Door fitting made of stainless steel combined with aluminum with easy assembly and regulation, available with right and left opening, effective, aesthetic and hygienic.
● Custom manufacturing on demand. Maximum recommended measurement 2900x3500 mm (width x height)
● Options: Lock, window, wide range of colors.

Loading docks


Perfect charging solution for installations and uses that require strict temperature control and high levels of cleanliness. The loading dock together with other components such as inflatable shelters and sectional doors, can obtain better control of the internal temperature, reduce the risk of damage and minimize the entry of waste. Highly efficient by not breaking the cold chain, minimizing energy loss.)

Sectional door


Used on loading docks where there is heavy truck and freight traffic. Industrial area, mainly warehouses, logistics centers and any production plant. Excellent heat protection, ensures optimal insulation and allows significant energy cost savings. Durability thanks to the robustness and quality of the materials used. Meets the operating and safety requirements of DIN EN 13241-1.

● They have a double layer of galvanized and lacquered steel with an injected polyurethane core.
● They have a high coefficient of thermal insulation, the sheet thickness being 40 mm.
● Options include: subframe, motorization, peephole, lock and handle set.

PVC strip curtains


Mobile sliding type slat curtain for storage and freezing chambers. They offer effective separation for safe passage. They are the most economical solution for interior closings, room separation, doors, etc. Installation is simple and fast, fixing tube and stainless steel clips with individually removable slats. Simple, easy to maintain, they can be cleaned with detergent.

Service doors


40mm thick (semi-insulated) single or double leaf door used mainly in hallways, offices, dividing work or service areas. Use in areas with positive temperature. Doors of any size and for high work intensity installations can be manufactured. Our service doors are used in refrigeration facilities, laboratories, offices, toilets, etc.

● Available in simple or sliding model
● Lacquered or pvc finish
● Thickness of injected polyurethane sheet 37 mm
● Lacquered or anodized aluminum frame
● Optional lock and peephole

Docks coating


Galvanized steel frame, consisting of U-profiles with flexible front skirts, made of 3mm plastic plate. Sides and roof section covered with vinyl fabric that are kept taut by elastic cables. They protect the doors against drafts, rain and wind.

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