Modular cold stores or Walk-in chillers and freezers

The best solution for restaurant, or small business (butcher shop, flower shop, fisher shop, etc), one of our most demanded products are the modular cold rooms, also known as walk-in chillers or walk-in freezers.

This product applies for cold stores from 2,5 m3 up to 50 m3 and they are usually combined with monoblock cooling equipment. We have on stock cold rooms and monoblock units so that we can deliver in 24 hours.

The benefits of these cold rooms are numerous that is why they can be distinguished from other products of the market:

Complete modularity
The Refriclim room was created to fit all situations. Its complete flexibility is based on 20 cm modularity. All the room dimensions are able to adapt themselves (height, width, depth), thus an infinity of combinations is possible.

An easier assembly
The assembly is made quickly and easily inside the room. In few hours, the room is ready thanks to an accurate and easy work without any cuts.

An exclusive conception
Just one look at the Refriclim room, will give you the sensation that you are in front of something new. Because of its conception totally exclusive emphasized by the door and its outside color in an elegant stainless steel grey.

An infinity of options
The room Refriclim has also a wide range of thickness that enables an adaptation to the different refrigeration needs: 60, 85, 105, 150 mm. The cold room offers a wide range of anti-skid grounds that enables the adaptation to different loading and the use of forklift. The standard version has the floor with fenolic wood, but it is also to supply it with high quality stainless steel flooring.

These cold stores combined with powerful cooling machines can be used for shock freezing. The reduced volume combined with big freezing power can provide a freezing capacity for small quantities or product up to 500 kgs.