The condenser is the part of the refrigerating machine which is installed outside of the cold room its function being to exchange heat between the refrigerant and the ambient; this heat that has been extracted from the product is then transformed into hot air blown on the outside.

From Refriclim we can supply you the best existing condenser from the market always with the best quality and prices.


Quality and Environment

We design and install environmentally friendly cold storage or freezing chambers.


We have a group of professionals with experience and extensive knowledge of the refrigeration sector.

Our products


V axial condenser


Models for powers between 112 and 918Kw. Constructed with galvanized steel sheet and painted with epoxy-polyester paint that gives it high resistance to corrosion even in extreme conditions. Equipped with internal separators to avoid the "by pass" effect during operation. It uses ø800mm fans equipped with external connection thermocontactor. Adjustable from 0-100%.

H shaped condenser


Axial condensers for industrial applications with cooling capacity between 13 and 1,100Kw. High performance batteries due to the precise connection between the tubes and the use of corrugated fins. Fans between ø630 and ø910mm equipped with three-phase external rotor motors (400V @ 50Hz). Body in galvanized steel, painted with epoxy-polyester paint that gives high resistance to corrosion even in extreme conditions.

Centrifugal radial condenser


Wide variety of models to accept all kinds of refrigeration installations from 56 to 316 kW, easy to install and handle, ideal for saving space in the machine room.

The body is made of galvanized sheet metal with easily removable and easily accessible panels. In addition, the air outlet can be routed using interchangeable covers.

The high efficiency fans are powered by three-phase motors with IP-54 protection degree.

Centrifugal air condenser


Designed for commercial refrigeration applications with capacities between 2.8 and 535 kW.

The finned batteries are built with copper tube and corrugated aluminum fins. Thanks to the adjustment between both elements, high efficiency is obtained.

The body is made of galvanized sheet metal painted with epoxy paint and equipped with a metallic protection in collectors and curves. The plates that make it up are easily removable and easy and quick access.

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