Refrigerating equipment

Equipment for air conditioning, cooling, refrigeration, freezing, deep-freezing. These teams can be combined to achieve the necessary temperatures and satisfy the specific requirements of each space.

The refrigeration machines that we work are divided into groups according to the working temperature:

Air conditioning: temperatures up to 20ºC.

     • For a comfortable feeling.

Cooling: temperatures of 12-18ºC.

     • For work and handling rooms.

     • For loading and unloading docks.

Refrigeration: temperatures of 0-10ºC.

     • For food storage.

     • For the pharmaceutical industry.

Freezing: temperatures from -12 to -20ºC.

     • Storage of frozen products.

Deep Freezing: temperatures from -35 to -60 ºC.

     • Food freezing.

To obtain the above temperatures, a multitude of different methods and machines can be used depending on different factors. At Refriclim we can offer you a whole range of machines according to your needs.