Ripening chambers

They are enclosures built using a sandwich panel as insulation and in which the temperature, ethylene injection and air renewal are regulated for fruit ripening.

The main use of these chambers is fruit ripening , under optimal climatic conditions, for the longest product durability in its commercial stage.

We build the industrial chambers entirely using a polyurethane-injected refrigerator sandwich panel, which normally range between 80 and 120 mm thick.

These ripening chambers usually work with a temperature between 15 0 C and 25 0 C in their maturation stage. This installation requires refrigeration, heat, ethylene injection and air renewal equipment. The refrigeration equipment allows the mature product to be kept in the best conditions until it is transferred to the store, extending the life of the product. Being the conservation temperature chosen depending on the product to be stored.

We carry out installations in accordance with current regulations, following hygiene guidelines and considering the state of products that are subsequently stored.

We adapt the cameras to your production needs, looking for the solution that best suits your needs.